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Internships | Earn School Credit To Build Your Craft - Edgy Couture

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Nadine Westerveld | Senior College Intern - Art Institute Of Phoenix

Name: Nadine Westerveld

Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Age: 21

Degree: Bachelors in Fashion Design

Art Institute Of Phoenix

Ambitions: To be different and to not follow the crowd. A lot of fashion designers today are following one another and replicating each other’s work and lacking imagination and creativity. What I would like to achieve is to create a collection that pushes emotions out of the viewer or customer; whether it is anger, passion, sadness, isolation's, etc. They’re all emotions and to have a viewer feel an emotion by viewing my work, I have done my job well. I do not want someone to view my work and say, “oh, that’s pretty!” and that’s it. That’s not my goal at the end of the day. I want to step out of the box the society has been trying to shove me into.

I would like to keep on learning from different designers in the world, whether it goes to tailoring and learning fit analysis to just learning different ways of constructing a garment and how to view patterns 3 dimensionally. Because as some have said, “Knowledge is the key to success.”