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About Edgy Couture

Founded in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Edgy Couture is home to the latest fashion style and trends. Edgy Couture is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona. Like most women Edgy Couture likes fashion and loves to play dress up, but when we dress up we do it with a little bit of "Glitz", a little bit of "Glam", and a whole lot of Edge!


Our Mission: "To Inspire Fashion Without Limits On A Global Scale." - Ryan Donovan, Founder CEO


Ladies should feel bold and confident when wearing our brand. Our goal is to inspire fashion that is not the norm, it is not restricted by boundaries, and it makes women around the world feel good! 


We embrace our urban roots as well as our love for Rhinestones, Studs, Spikes, Skulls, and Pink!


Out with the couch patterns, bring on the rhinestones, the studs and the leather! 


Don't be the "Same Old".... Be BOLD!