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2020 The Year Of The Face Mask

Posted on May 06 2020

2020 covid 19 epidemic
Not all ideas are born out of ingenuity and brilliance, some are born out of necessity. The same can be said with fashion style and trends, some viral looks are created out of need. As we have seen in the first half of the new year COVID-19 has dubbed 2020 the year of toilet paper hoardings and the year of the mask.

Due to the massive mask shortages here in the US not everyone can run out and buy masks supplied by companies like 3M and Johnson and Johnson. This is why the public men and women alike have come up with some creative ways of making their own masks at home. Some people of the community have even taken it upon themselves to make enough masks for people in need in the surrounding areas and thru online marketplaces such as Ebay,.

Let's take a minute to look at some of the most creative masks made by the public making their way around the internet.
My new COVID-19 mask from r/stoners
Homemade Spiderman Face Masks On Etsy
Homemade Leopard Face Mask By On Guard Crafts
Fashion Chic Homemade Face Masks on Etsy By SewBlushandco
Music Lovers Homemade Face Masks On Etsy By CrayolaAllie
Homemade Starwars Face Masks On Etsy By Antelucandaisy
NFL Homemade Face Masks On Etsy By Davincifloristshop

Here are just a few of our favorite creative homemade face masks that we have seen. If you are having problems finding a mask at the stores in your area and you don't feel comfortable making them at home, try Etsy there are alot of great options! Seen some awesome face masks? Be sure to post them below in the comments.


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