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Dress For Success Celebrity Inspired

Posted on April 30 2019

How to rock business casual at the office or a job interview by Edgy Couture Online Fashion Store

How To Dress Successfully For A Job Interview

We have all been there, you finally got that call for your dream job and now you’re scrummaging through your closet trying to find the perfect outfit to nail your interview. Should you dress business casual? What is business casual anyway? A job interview is your shot to make an awesome first impression to both your potential employer and your potential co-workers. Below are our tips and tricks to help you prepare for that upcoming job interview, and land that position or at least a call back!

                First and foremost stay true to yourself, remember who you are and what you want to represent. Are you stylish, then be stylish! Are you sophisticated, then be sophisticated! During the interview your potential employer wants to see who you are, and what you are all about. It is important to stand out and sell what qualifications you have that make you the ideal candidate for the job. Be sure to polish that resume!

                Now granted your interview attire is going to depend on the type of position you are applying for, the important thing to note is you want to look tidy, kempt and clean. Don’t show up in a pair of ripped jeans, with your underwear and cleavage hanging out. This will draw attention in a negative way and not highlight the skills your capable of. Do wake up early, take a shower and spend some time on your hair and overall appearance. Let’s draw some inspiration from some powerful well-dressed professional ladies in Hollywood!

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Olivia Pope Wardrobe Scandal Photo By: Hello Beautiful

Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington is the star of the award winning political drama “Scandal” by Shonda Rhimes. Olivia Pope is a fierce force to be reckoned with, she demands the attention of the room from the moment she enters first with her style, and then with how she carries herself. She is confident, and sure of herself and that is how you want to portray yourself in your upcoming job interview. Employers are looking for junior leaders, yes they want to find someone to fill the vacant position, but they secretly want to find someone who they feel could be promoted and take on more responsibility over time, someone who can grow with the company. You won’t find too many employers who say “I want to hire someone that is not promotable”.

So what is it about Olivia Pope’s style that makes her the perfect inspiration for your interview outfit choice? Every woman likes to feel sexy, but an interview is not the place to show off sex appeal. Olivia Pope is able to show that she is sophisticated, classy, and she means business while still being sexy.


Slacks – Every woman needs a pair of interview dress slacks in her closet. Wear a pair of solid or pin stripe dress pants with a suited blazer or with a cute blouse. A pair of fitted black slacks is a closet staple for such occasions.

Long Sleeve Button Up – Not every woman wants to rock the blazer at their next job interview, the good news is you don’t have to. It’s important to feel somewhat comfortable so you don’t give off a fake or uninviting vibe. So if you don’t have a blazer or simply don’t want to wear one, opt for a cute long sleeve blouse instead.

The Jacket – However, if you don’t mind the extra layer add a blazer or a stylish jacket to your interview wardrobe for a more formal look. Oliva Pope is the perfect example of how adding a trendy jacket can complete any business casual outfit.

Shop the look thanks to this great post by Hello Beautiful

Rachel Zane – Suits

Meghan Markle Duchess Of Sussex Style Photo By: Getty

Rachel Zane was played by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex on the television drama “Suits” by Aaron Korsh. Rachel Zane is a young aspiring lawyer, looking to make it on her own, and she is the perfect example of fake it till you make it! She may not be a lawyer yet but she totally looks the part!


The Pencil Skirt – Rachel Zayne showcases how you can take the concept of the simple pencil skirt and bring it to life with a cute pair of heels and some fun accessories! Don’t sweat if you can’t afford the designer labels, your interview isn’t about the price tag you can find some awesome styles clearance at some of our favorite websites such as Edgy Couture, or Poshmark.

The Accessories – Both of these business women showcase how accessories can take your outfit from drab to FAB! Most women believe that dressing for an interview is like dressing for a funeral, everything consists of black. But it doesn’t have to be! Interviews should be a celebratory occasion since you’re going to get the job…, right? So add a pop of color to your interview wardrobe. Bring in some gold or silver jewelry. Be sure to wear small hoops, studs or classy dangle ornaments nothing to large or bulky. Think sophisticated! Add a trendy satchel or handbag to bring your whole style together. You can find some great fashion accessories and purses like this one on Amazon.

The Shoes – Both Rachel Zayne and Olivia Pope opt to wear any combination of heels to complete their look. Both open peep toe heels, and pointed toe heels can make a statement. It’s better to keep your heels between 2 - 4 inches walking in to an interview in 6 inch stilettos may send off the wrong message. If you’re not into wearing heels, or just can’t walk in heels don’t stumble through the doorway trying to fake it a pair of simple dress flats is perfectly acceptable too!

For more great style ideas inspired by the Meghan Markle, check out this great video by Style With Substance

Be creative when piecing together your look, be colorful, be bold, and be confident. We can’t guarantee that following these tips you’ll get the job, but setting yourself up for success is the surest way to become successful! Like this article and comment below to see more like this.


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