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Posted on May 29 2019

I have a date for a fourth of july bbq but I have nothing to wear! Help me find a cute outfit for this holiday

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and in usual fashion I procrastinated putting my outfit together, and now I'm in a bind.

After rummaging through my closet, my dresser, my laundry and my house it is infinite...I have NOTHING to wear! To make matters worse I have no time.


The Guy

You see, for the past six weeks I have been shamelessly flirting with the new guy at work hoping he'd see past the flirty banter and actually ask me out on a real date. Since he joined our marketing team, I have been like a giddy school girl whenever he is around. I find myself waking up an extra hour early for work just so I can put in that extra effort into my grooming process; you, makeup, the works! I've rocked all my cutest outfit combinations at this point. Unfortunately outside of the witty one-liner, our conversations have been minimal; outside of work I know nothing about him....but he's just so CUTE!!! Up until yesterday, I assumed the worst… he doesn’t like me, I am not his type, he is married with two kids in the city, you name it I have been down that road.

The Problem

Just when I thought it may be time to hang up the towel and chalk this one up to a loss, I catch a Hail Mary! The office landed this big account Monday and to celebrate our boss decided to take our team out to Outback for lunch. Of course being the clever minx that I am, I jostled quickly around the table to sit by my boy crush. The lunch lasted about two hours, the management team went on about its corporate milestones, recent success and future strategic planning. Meanwhile I had some strategic plans of my own working in the background. This was the only time I have spent with him outside of the office, so I had to use that time effectively! I asked him about his life story; where he is from, his dreams, you name it... I was searching for an in. Just then our team lead shouted across the table "Did any of you watch the Game Of Thrones finale on Sunday?” Being an avid TV addict, I am a huge fan of the Game Of Thrones series on HBO. I am so sad to see it end. Instinctively I shouted "You do not want to be queen of the Ashes!” As team starts debating among themselves, he turns to me and says "You like the Game of Thrones!?!?! I pegged you as a Rom-Com type of girl." I was mildly insulted that he stereotyped me because I am a chick that likes high fashion I must be at home watching Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars when in reality I am actually a closet nerd. But that was over shadowed when I heard him say..."Hey, my family is having a BBQ for Independence Day this weekend, if you don’t have any other plans you should swing by?" I waited the allotted three seconds, and tried to make it sound like I was weighing a few prospects in an attempt not to sound too eager, then responded with "Sure, I'll see if I can make it!"

The Resolution

Fast forward to now, I was freaking out because I had nothing trendy and festive to wear to his house for the Independence Day festivities. Something that leaves a lasting impression and secures a next day call back. Then my friend Rachel told me about this fashion store Edgy Couture she found online that offers super cute clothes, shoes and fashion accessories at a cheap and affordable price. I checked and they offered expedited shipping here in the US so I was able to order my outfit for the 4th of July and get it by tomorrow! I will definitely be shopping there again. I will keep you posted on how the date goes, I know the outfit doesn’t make the date a success, but it sure does help! For cute outfit ideas along with tips and tricks to look your best this fourth of July check out this great video below :)


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