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Celebrating Our 500th Customer! Whats Next For Edgy Couture???

Posted on April 16 2019

New Fashion Brands To Watch - Haute Couture | Edgy Couture

We are excited to announce the celebration of our 500th customer! This is an incredible milestone for us, less than a year and a half ago Edgy Couture officially opened its doors to the public, hoping to introduce them to a world of fun and exciting fashion. It has been a wonderful experience for the entire team! Since we embarked on our journey we have overcome many hurdles to try to improve our customer experience to include: reducing shipping times, lowering prices, and offering a wider variety of edgy “shoes, clothing, and accessories” to choose from. That said, this is just the beginning! Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features Edgy Couture has in store, and how our customers can be a part of it!

Let’s Get Social: Be on the lookout as we continue to build our audience on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Earn great discounts from your favorite online retailer. Like us on Facebook/Instagram and tag us in your posts regarding our great products and sales, and earn 10% OFF your next order!!!!

Be Your Own Designer Contest: Are your Creative? Have you ever looked for something specific at the mall and just couldn’t find anything to match the style you were going for? Let us help you! Edgy Couture will be introducing “Be Your Own Designer” program, no degree necessary. If your design is chosen, we will work side by side with you to bring your fashion design to life! Best of all we will send you a real life copy of your design for your very own, and name it in your honor...As if that’s not good enough it’s 100% FREE!!! Stay tuned for details.

Fashion Blogger's Advantage: Are you a Fashion Blogger? Do you have a large Social Media following and love fashion? Be sure to check out our new offers for Fashion Bloggers in our latest blog here “Fashion Blogger's Advantage”.

So You Think You Can Model: At Edgy Couture we believe every women is beautiful, and we want to show off that beauty with REAL everyday women who shop at Edgy Couture, not a Photoshop perfected model shot! Got curves, we love them! Color, we love it! Are you young and still finding your edge, or wise and trendy? Show off what makes you different while wearing our edgiest fashions. Participate and be showcased on our site and win different cool prizes! Stay tuned for details.

Amazon: As of May 2019 Edgy Couture products will become available on Amazon, but wait there is more…That’s right via AMAZON PRIME! Because, I mean...who doesn’t love their two day shipping?!?!

YouTube: See behind the scenes footage of what goes into making a fashion brand, keep up to date with the latest news, offers, and promotions.

Again, we would like to thank all of our customers for their trust and loyalty as we continue to grow and perfect our brand. We welcome feedback, customers can email us directly at

Happy Shopping!

Edgy Couture



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